Thursday, July 15, 2010

iOS 4.0.1 Signal Bars and Tape Reception Test


The other thing the tape simulates is how the iPhone 4’s antenna would behave with a thick 1-mil (25.4 µm) coating. To test, I cupped the phone just like I did to cause the 24 dBm drop before.…The takeaway is that the best coatings Apple could possibly apply would bring the drop down to 15 or 16 dB—in league with the Nexus One’s worst case drop, and almost in league with the iPhone 3GS worst case drop.

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If I recall correctly that you said you prefer the signal issues to using the phone with a bumper, than I'd say Steve's design choice was correct, at least from one educated POV.

The only problem here was the company's refusal to "appease customers" by giving out free bumpers to those who wanted them in the first place. They're making $450 per phone, and they want to quibble over $1.50 bumpers?

It's not Vista, but it's something. "Appease customers" is the phrase of the month.

No, I said that I would prefer the 3GS, which I can hold in my left hand. Signal issues are unacceptable because I often have 0–2 bars.

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