Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fake 0.2

Todd Ditchendorf (via Collin Allen):

Fake is a new browser for Mac OS X that makes Web automation simple. Fake allows you to drag discrete browser Actions into a graphical Workflow that can be run again and again without human interaction. And Fake Workflows can be saved, reopened, and shared.

Inspired by Apple’s Automator application, Fake is like a combination of Safari and Automator.

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Looks like a harder to use version of the free and easy to use Selenium http://seleniumhq.org/

Between something that's visually nice (Fake) and something that's not (Selenium), I would personally rather use the nice one.

And I would tend to believe that Selenium does not work with a WebKit browser and Fake does not work with a Mozilla browser. So there's not a good reason for one of them not to exist.

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