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Friday, June 25, 2010

Objective-C 2.2 Features

Martin Pilkington:

At WWDC Apple announced a few more features, which I personally think of as Objective-C 2.2. These are “@synthesize by default” and “declare ivars in class extensions.” These are features that I have wanted for quite a while and I am sure a lot of other Objective-C developers have wanted.

They’re available in Xcode 3.2.3 if you use the 64-bit runtime and the LLVM compiler.

The iPhone 4 Grip of Death

Fraser Speirs:

For all the supposed design refinement of the iPhone 4, this is a near-showstopper. It’s very surprising that the device shipped with this kind of flaw. If the fix is to add Apple’s £29 rubber bumper on top of this £600 device, that will be a very poor show indeed.

He has videos demonstrating the problem. Unfortunately, the bumpers don’t fit in docks and would probably make the phone stick in your pocket. Better to use tape. Perhaps some black electrical tape wouldn’t be so unsightly. Apple’s response is not encouraging, nor do I think it makes sense to blame the FCC. This is something that should work out of the box without accessories or instructions not to hold it in the normal way. Maybe they can add a clear coating or something.