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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Better Screen, Same Typography

Khoi Vinh:

In one of the elaborately produced, incredibly self-congratulatory promotional videos that the company released to announce the arrival of iPhone 4, one particularly outrageous moment stuck out for me. At about three minutes into the video, senior vice president for iPhone software Scott Forstall extolls the virtues of the Retina Display by declaring that “The text… is just perfect!” Meanwhile, the central image in the video at just that moment is this little typographic calamity…

Even on the larger iPad screen, the typography in iBooks needs work: hyphenation, ragged right, or something.

Update (2010-06-21): iBooks 1.1 adds ragged right.

Pulse Booted From App Store

Kara Swisher (via Dave Winer):

Kothari said that the pair plan to contact Apple in the morning and take [steps] to remove Times material out of the feeds.

It is not immediately clear why they need to, since Pulse draws from publicly available Times RSS feeds as many other apps do and does no scraping.

In fact, Pulse is little more than a really well-designed RSS reader, which is what the Times said it was in its write-up. You add feeds to it and it visualizes them in a way that’s easy to get through.

The app had been featured in Steve Jobs’ WWDC keynote and praised by the Times itself.

Update: Jason Snell reports that it’s back in the store.