Tuesday, May 18, 2010

RunRev on iPhone OS

Steve Jobs (February 2010):

Something like HyperCard on the iPad? Yes, but someone would have to create it.

Kevin Miller, CEO of RunRev, a HyperCard successor (May 1010):

Steve Jobs has now rejected our proposal and made it clear that he has no interest in having revMobile available on the iPhone or iPad in any form.

It sounds like they had proposed to compile revTalk, much like Adobe did with Flash, and support all of the iPhone OS APIs. Not a surprise, given Section 3.3.1, but it’s too bad because the iPad seems like the perfect way to deploy a HyperCard stack.

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Joel Bernstein

Seems the obvious solution would be to make a Hypercard-ish app that uses HTML/CSS for layout, a WebView for rendering, and Javascript for scripting.

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