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Friday, April 16, 2010

It’s Not the Control, It’s the Secrecy

John Gruber:

If it is Apple’s policy not to allow any political satire in the App Store, that’s terrible. If that’s not Apple’s policy, and some individual App Store reviewer rejected Fiore’s app mistakenly, that’s terrible. Either way, something terrible is going on. But worse than anything related to this specific case is the bigger picture: we don’t know.

Mac OS X SSD Tweaks

Ricardo Gameiro:

Ok, I have an Intel X-25M 160 GB SSD coming and I’m on a VERY GEEKY mood…so I decided to poke around a little on what could be done to tweak Mac OS X in order to, at least minimize the write amplification problem and also optimize the space used—yes you know the €/MB ratio is high on SSDs. Most of these tweaks, besides providing for a longer lifespan for SSD disks, should improve overall system performance even on an non SSD disk.

He disables file access times and hibernate mode, and sets Xcode to build onto a RAM disk.