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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

John Gruber’s iPad Review

John Gruber:

And in fact (and this is the aforereferenced “funny part”), I type faster on my iPhone than I do on the iPad. That’s especially true for when the iPad is in portrait mode, which puts the keyboard size in a no-man’s land — too small to eight-finger-type, too big to thumb-type. But it’s also true for when the iPad is in landscape mode.

I’ve found this as well. He also has interesting bits about Safari purging pages and file sharing:

The workflow for iWork is downright antediluvian. It’s not just pre-Cloud, it’s pre-network. It’s effectively the “Who’s got the latest revision of this file?” workflow of the days when we moved files from one machine to another via floppy disks.

File Sharing with an iPad

Ted Landau:

iPad-to-Mac transfer is a labyrinth of restrictions and complications. If you expect to transfer the same document between an iPad and a Mac multiple times, I can guarantee you will be grumbling before too long.

Ars Technica iPad Review

Their review is out. As expected, it’s comprehensive.

iWork for iPad Compatibility

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports that Pages and Keynote destructively alter documents that you edit on the iPad (via Angus Wong). It’s reasonable to expect that the iPad won’t be able to display or edit everything that the Mac can, but to break a document because you fixed a typo on the iPad?

Secondly, since the iPad doesn’t support custom fonts, I found that Pages was not a good previewer to show people a document I was working on. The layout was all wrong. Air Sharing HD worked much better; it was able to display the document’s built-in PDF preview.