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Appropriate iTunes Window Sizes

Jakob Nielsen (via Adam Engst):

As an aside, why is the iTunes window so large in my screenshot, when it contains only a few icons? Because the same application manages both the phone’s apps and its music collection. When you work with several hundred sound tracks, you need a big space. It’s not always good to try to support highly distinct tasks within a single GUI.

Nielsen’s main point is about button proximity and is well taken. However, I found his example about updating iPhone applications confusing because my understanding is that the “Check for Updates” button always applies to all applications, and that nothing much happens when you select individual applications in iTunes.

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I think iTunes itself has the problem that it tries to do everything, sort of. If Google is builing it's operatig system based on a web browser, then Apple is doing the same thing with what was once a music jukebox.

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