Monday, March 1, 2010

Windows Phone 7

John Gruber:

A new non-Windows name would have let Microsoft use a 1.0 version number. I think the “7” in “Windows Phone 7 Series” is a detriment to their message that this is a clean break from Windows Mobile 6 and earlier. The 7 implies “new version of the old thing”, which isn’t what they want at all because the old thing is unloved and unpopular. A new 1.0 thing would have also dampened uncomfortable questions about why phones available today won’t be upgradeable to the new system when it ships.

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I don't think he is right about that... Scoff if he wants, but Windows 7 is doing well and generally has a good image. They aren't tying it to Windows Mobile 6, they are tying it to their current OS.

Branding it Windows makes it difficult to find on their website, it's not under the Windows menu, it's way down under all products, mobile devices and software, windows phone, and then redirect to the site

Also, I just don't get the "series" thing, is that something to do with the series of clicks you have to make to get what you want? Scoff :-)

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