Friday, February 26, 2010

On Switching Away From Core Data

Brent Simmons:

But, still, in the end, the new version of the system was less code than the Core Data version. That will not be the case for most apps. I took it as further indication that this was the right move for this particular app.

I’ve run into these issues as well. I don’t think they’re that uncommon, unfortunately. One thing that Simmons didn’t mention is that all of these examples could be handled well in a future version of Core Data. That is, they’re not fundamentally incompatible with its design. (In fact, I think his #4 was addressed in Mac OS X 10.5, and 10.6 added some more database-type features.) Of course, this doesn’t help him now, but if you can possibly live with Core Data you probably shouldn’t bet against it. It will get better with time.

Update: Jonathan Rentzsch explains how this worked with Enterprise Objects Framework and how it might work with a future Core Data.

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