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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Realism in UI Design

Lukas Mathis:

The thing on the left is a house. The thing on the right means «home». Somewhere between the two, the meaning switches from «a specific house» to «home as a concept». The more realistic something is, the harder it is to figure out the meaning. Again, if the image is simplified too much, it’s not clearly and immediately recognizable anymore.

Pen vs. Keyboard vs. Newton vs. Graffiti vs. Treo vs. iPhone

Phil Gyford (via John Gruber):

For some time I’ve been meaning to test my small collection of PDA/smartphone gadgets to see which of their methods of input was quickest. The iPhone’s software keyboard? The Newton’s handwriting recognition? Palm’s Graffiti? With the possible imminent arrival of a tablet from Apple that will save the world, it seemed a good time to get round to the test.

It’s definitely my recollection that Graffiti was at least twice as slow as pen and paper. Typing on the iPhone feels slow compared to a real keyboard, but it passes the good enough threshold.