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Nat! doesn’t like that some Foundation functions have been deprecated in favor of dyld functions and constructs a graph showing how many symbols each version of Mac OS X deprecated.

Unison 2 Color & Contrast

William Van Hecke examines the interface of Panic’s newly released Unison 2.

Why TextMate 2.0 Is Not Developed in the Open

Allan Odgaard:

To realize this I felt it was necessary to start from scratch, and it has involved a lot of experimentation, rewriting, and it is why I didn’t feel like discussing progress in the open because I had no idea about how many of my ambitions would pan out. The program itself has been in a constant state of flux with essential stuff missing because my focus has initially been on all the stuff I didn’t know how to do, as I could always do the “easy” stuff later (and doing the easy stuff first just leads to rewriting it when new insights are gained).