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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Implementing AppleScript Recordability

Andy Finnell:

The ASObj function creates an ASObject proxy object for any NSObject that implements objectSpecifier. invokeCommand takes care of marshalling the parameters into an AppleEvent, sending it, and unmarshalling the return value into an NSObject. The name of the command is the name of the name used in AppleScript, not the Cocoa implementation.

Then his controllers use the proxy objects to talk to the model through AppleScript.

Magic Mouse Review

Eric Bangeman:

If you want to right-click, you’ll need to get used to lifting your left-most finger off of the mouse in order for it to register correctly. If you have an Apple Mouse, you’ll already be used to it—I do it without thinking, but that doesn’t change the fact that lifting your index finger into the air so your middle finger can click is a more stressful position for your hand.

I use a Mighty Mouse with the main surface set as the primary button and the scroll ball set as the secondary button. This frees me from worrying about which side of the mouse I’m clicking and which finger I’m using, as my hand will be in different positions depending on whether I was using the scroll ball to scroll.

Click-Through in Snow Leopard

Pierre Igot:

How is the user supposed to “know” and remember intuitively that click-through now only works in icon view mode and not in list view mode and column view mode? And how is the user supposed to “know” and remember intuitively that, even though click-through no longer works, “double-click-through” (to coin a phrase) still does?

Lukas Mathis:

I believe click-through in Mac OS X is fundamentally broken. It should be turned off for all interface elements, except for a few standard elements which always receive click-through and have hover states to clearly indicate that they are clickable.

Chris Clark:

I believe click-through should be disabled entirely.

Either would be fine with me. As Clark points out, you can hold down the Command key to indicate that you do want click-through.