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Friday, September 4, 2009

Mac OS X 10.6 Review

John Siracusa reviews Snow Leopard.

SuperDuper and Snow Leopard

Dave Nanian:

In other words, considering the issue was basically one of performance, we thought it was better to get the update out day-and-date with this known issue, than hold it back for the week or so it would take to investigate and fix (and then however long it took to test, based on what we had to change).

This is what I like to see for software that I depend on—both the openness and the fact that they shipped something reliable (if imperfect) on the day I needed it. In the doghouse: QuickBooks. I can’t remember the last time an important application was so crashy as to be unusable. It’s not even possible to register/activate QuickBooks on Snow Leopard; apparently Intuit didn’t know that the Java bridge was slated for removal.