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Friday, August 28, 2009

QuickTime Player in Snow Leopard

Sven-S. Porst:

Film playback is a bit weird as the new-style window will hide its title bar after a while. The idea sounds all nice, clean and efficient but I find all the additional appearing / disappearing animation triggered by it worse than the waste of space a persistent title bar would have caused. The playback controls now appear on top of the film and fade out as well (making the width of the controls the minimum width a film can be played back at). Unfortunately the controls and the ‘scrubber’ have a fixed width and don’t grow width-wise with the window to allow easier jumping inside films. Although the playback controls can be moved to a position of your choice in the movie, QuickTime Player immediately forgets about your preferred position for them and displays them in the standard position for the next film you open.

I wish I could get the controller out of the way instantly.

Update (2009-08-30): Lee Bennett writes:

As for the new QuickTime Player, I have numerous observations of behavior and gotchas. As much as Apple might have you believe that the new version folds in all the features that were available in QuickTime Pro, I most heartily assure you it’s only a half-baked effort.

I wish I’d known about those keyboard shortcuts earlier. Perhaps this is a third-party opportunity for a basic QuickTime editor that isn’t iMovie.

Exposé Shortcuts


As one of the few feature changes in Snow Leopard, you’ve probably seen how Expose now works from the Dock, arranges windows in an easier-to-read layout, and enables you to move content between applications. Here are a few shortcuts that will make Expose even more useful…

Snow Leopard, a Bargain at Twice the Price

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