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Monday, August 3, 2009

Making Xcode’s Source List Work For You

Martin Pilkington:

I discovered yesterday that there is a way to make the Xcode source list suck a hell of a lot less. I’ve known for a while that you can split the source list vertically, but what I didn’t realise is that each split view can have different items in it. This opens up the source list to be a much more flexible tool.

Tuning Cocoa Applications Using DTrace

Brad Larson:

Why would you want to use DTrace instead of the other developer tools that Apple provides? Many of those who work with DTrace are fond of saying that it lets you ask specific questions about your system or applications and easily arrive at answers. Simple scripts, such as the examples I provide here, can be quickly written to resolve slowdowns or bugs related to a particular aspect of your application.

DTrace is amazing.

Apple’s Culture of Secrecy

John Gruber:

I believe that it truly is beneficial for Apple to maintain secrecy regarding future products. The problem is that Apple is secretive about everything — not only does Apple not talk about what they’re going to do, they don’t talk about what they’ve already done. The relationship between the App Store and iPhone developers is emblematic of the problem.