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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Anatomy of a Feature

Brent Simmons:

But of course it’s not as simple as just writing a quick script. It’s tempting to think that adding a feature like this is just about adding the functionality — but there’s a bunch more to it than that.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Layton Duncan:

A lot has been written about the success of the App Store, over 50,000 apps available, 1.5 Billion downloads in its first year, talk about how it’s unprecedented etc. However I think it’s long past time for a reality check here. This is a no holds barred, deadly serious, but sometimes snarky look at the App Store.

I still think the biggest problem is that Apple doesn’t allow trials. People will pay more for quality software if they can make sure that it meets their needs. Right now, everyone pays 99 cents for applications that look promising and then throws most of them away.