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Crash Reporter Roundup

Daniel Jalkut:

I recently decided to bite this bullet, and I discovered that while there is some really useful open source code out there to help achieve this goal, the pluses and minuses of each package is not well documented. I hope this roundup of several options helps direct your search for the most appropriate solution in your product.

I’ve been using my own crash reporter, which installs signal handlers for immediate reporting, reads the OS-generated crash report file, presents a dialog to the user, and submits it via HTTP POST to my server, which turns it into an e-mail. One of the challenges is that some people repeatedly report the same crash, which has an easy fix, but I can’t help them because they don’t fill in their e-mail address (and the crash reporter wasn’t able to auto fill in one from Address Book). Newer versions of my applications warn if the address is left blank, which seems to help.

Improving the iPhone’s Phone App

Dave Cronin:

Every single time, after I go listen to the voicemail, I have to click over to Recent to make that red dot with the number in it go away. Of course I know I missed the call, I've already listened to the voicemail. Why do I have to actively get rid of this extra dot?

He makes some good suggestions.