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Apple Has 91% of Market for $1,000+ PCs

Marco Arment:

This sounds impressive, but there’s a small problem: as far as I can tell, these numbers are for sales at retail.


Joe Wilcox responds in the comments to say that the NPD numbers include online sales for the Apple store as well as major national online vendors (including some at which corporations could have account reps): That still leaves out account reps at each manufacturer (and perhaps the online stores from other manufacturers, given he only mentions the Apple Store), though.

I assume the figure also excludes servers, which I expect are a large part of the high end of “$1,000+ computer purchases,” since Wilcox uses the term “PC,” but that's not necessarily a safe assumption.

It's hard to tell for sure about those points without seeing the NPD report, but it does sound like the statistic includes more than just straight retail and really is rather impressive.

Wow, 91%? In the US or everywhere? I could swear in Europa it's different...

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