Monday, June 15, 2009

The Curious Case of QuickTime X


One of the most perplexing things about Snow Leopard has got to be what’s happening to QuickTime.

Sounds like a big improvement, but there’s some strangeness.

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Since I've installed Snow Leopard, files that formally opened with Quicktime Player will no longer open. Any suggestions?

I have the same problem: .wmv files will not open after upgrading to Snow Leopard. The same message tells me that quick time player must be installed before the file can be opened. I returned to the CD and tried to download quick time 7 which could not be installed due to the presence of quick time X.
I have considered reinstalling Leopard and consider the upgrade to Snow Leopard a waste of time and money. Apple technical support was not helpful.

I have the same problem as Anne!!! Should I remove Snow Leopard? I reinstalled to no avail. Any one have an answer?

Right click on a .mov and "get info" half way down under "open with) you can change it to whatever (QT 10, QT 7 [now in utilities older], VLC, ... ) once the program is (re)selected you can choose "change all" this will make all further .mov's open with that app.

(this also works for everything with an extension that will open in a program)

hope it helps

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