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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Top 10 Programming Fonts

Dan Benjamin:

Inconsolata is my favorite monospaced font, and it’s free. Shortly after discovering it, it quickly supplanted Deja Vu Sans Mono as my go-to programming font. I use it everywhere, from Terminal windows to code editors. It has a certain sublime style that’s unique without being over the top, and it looks fantastic at both large and small sizes.

He has some nice samples of syntax-highlighted code. I’ve long preferred ProFont 9, without anti-aliasing. However, I’ve not been able to get it (or ProFontX) to work properly in Cocoa applications, so I’m currently using Monaco.

Benjamin’s top three are all pretty good. Deja Vu Sans Mono is nice except for the zeroes. Inconsolata looks great at larger sizes, but at smaller sizes it has a little too much personality and funny equals signs. If I were going to use an anti-aliased font, I’d probably choose Consolas or Monaco.