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Monday, March 2, 2009

NewerTech Voyager Q

In September I reviewed Thermaltake’s BlacX and WiebeTech’s RTX100 enclosures, all of which let you use bare SATA hard drives like floppy disks. Dan Benjamin has now reviewed NewerTech’s Voyager Q. It’s like the BlacX, but it’s nicer-looking, it has a quad-interface, it’s $99 rather than $43, and it doesn’t require pressing the power button before the ejecting the drive. I have not yet had a chance to do comparative benchmarking, but the Voyager certainly feels faster.

Update (2009-03-09): Fraser Speirs reports that he’s unable to use two Voyagers at the same time via FireWire because they have the same GUID: 0x30E002E0454647. My Voyager also has this GUID, so this would seem to be a bug in the Voyager hardware.

Update (2009-03-16): There is a firmware update (requires Windows) that can be used to change the Voyager’s GUID.

ATPM 15.03

The March issue of ATPM is out: