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iMovie ’09

David Pogue:

See, the world is moving to hi-def camcorders. And iMovie ‘09 works great with hi-def camcorders. But what if you want to show your edited movie on a high-definition TV?…You can’t!…No Macs have Blu-ray burners, and iMovie lacks an Export to Tape command, so your high-def masterpieces are pretty much trapped forever on your Mac.

I suppose Apple wants you to buy an Apple TV, but it only supports 720p even though full 1080p camcorders are affordable now.


Actually, the situation with the AppleTV is even worse than not supporting 1080p; it only supports 720p with 24fps. Even your cheapo HD camcorders like the MinoHD and the Zi6 shoot at 30fps--so the AppleTV can't display the 720p from one of these things, either.

Apple needs to get with the program on this.

While I'm not the one to leave out Apple criticism, wouldn't an assessment along the lines of "Very few people have video cameras and use them. Those who do carry their notebooks to the telly to watch the videos" be as correct as the quoted statement?

That said I don't know anybody with a HD video camera, nor anybody with a BlueRay player and about one person with a HD display that is a dedicated non-computer screen…

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