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What Happened to iPhone Push Notifications?

Dan Moren (via John Gruber):

We put in a call to Apple to find out the reason why, but unless you’re new to this whole scene you won’t exactly be flabbergasted to hear that the company was about as communicative as your average sullen teenager. The company’s approach appears to be pretending that the system was never announced in the first place—you won’t find any notice of it on Apple’s site, save for the plaintive cries of users wondering what happened to it.

Hopefully this is because Apple realized that notifications aren’t that useful and it would be better to just support multitasking.

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Oh, amen to that. I'm guessing two years after the original iPhone, a better CPU and more RAM can be had for the same buck. And that's before you take into account what Snow Leopard's mission to cut crud could have meant for some shared pieces in iPhone OS.

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