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AppleScript Comes to Numbers, Pages ’09

Clint Ecker:

With iWork 2009, some of these deficiencies have been remedied. Users still don’t have the unlimited (maybe too extensive?) power of Excel and VBA, but the foundation has been duly laid in both Numbers and Pages ’09, allowing developers and individuals with AppleScript prowess to automate almost any aspect of either application.

RIP Dr. Dobb’s

Eric Sink:

Still, the passing of this magazine is rather historic for our young industry. Dr. Dobb’s first started publication in 1976, about the same time that Microsoft and Apple were founded. A significant slice of today’s programmers weren’t even born yet. For many people, the last few years of 64-page issues are all they have ever seen of DDJ. They don’t remember that Dr. Dobb’s Journal was a pretty great magazine back in its day.

I read and enjoyed Dr. Dobb’s from the mid-nineties until a few years ago, when it had become thinner and more Windows-centric.