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Monday, December 1, 2008

ATPM 14.12

The December issue of ATPM is out:

AnchorFree Offers Free VPN for iPhone

Glenn Fleishman:

To work around these problems, AnchorFree chose to add to Hotspot Shield a VPN type that the iPhone has built in: L2TP, which stands for Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol over IPsec (Internet Protocol security). L2TP is an extremely strong method of creating a secure connection, and is one of three methods that the iPhone 2.0 Software and later support. (Alas, the iPhone can’t maintain a seamless VPN connection when you roam among Wi-Fi networks or between Wi-Fi and cell data networks; you have to disable and then re-enable the VPN connection for each network move.)

Don’t Use NSOperationQueue

Mike Ash discusses a bug in NSOperationQueue that can cause crashes:

Indeed, just about the only thing that seems to help is to only have a single NSOperationQueue running at a time. Since you can’t prevent framework code from running its own NSOperationQueue, this is an untenable solution.

Update: His solution is RAOperationQueue.

License Plate Sabotage

Mark Dominus:

…for a number of years I have toyed with the idea of getting a personalized plate with II11I11I or 0OO0OO00 or some such, on the theory that there is no possible drawback to having the least legible plate number permitted by law. (If you are reading this post in a font that renders 0 and O the same, take my word for it that 0OO0OO00 contains four letters and four digits.)