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Sunday, November 2, 2008

OmniFocus Bonjour Syncing

OmniFocus, my favorite task manager, is now at version 1.5rc2. Version 1.1 for the iPhone is finally available, after more than two weeks in App Store limbo. The new versions support a “Bonjour” syncing method, in which OmniFocus runs its own Apache process so that you don’t have to setup WebDAV yourself. The iPhone version is much faster than before, especially at launching. Loading still takes a while, though, and so the best new feature is that it lets you add inbox items before it’s finished launching.

Update (2008-11-04): Omni says that the password and data are automatically encrypted via https when using Bonjour syncing. I never succeeded in getting this to work when manually configuring Apache for WebDAV syncing.