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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First Look at Windows 7’s User Interface

Peter Bright:

At PDC today, Microsoft gave the first public demonstration of Windows 7. Until now, the company has been uncharacteristically secretive about its new OS; over the past few months, Microsoft has let on that the taskbar will undergo a number of changes, and that many bundled applications would be unbundled and shipped with Windows Live instead. There have also been occasional screenshots of some of the new applets like Calculator and Paint. Now that the covers are finally off, the scale of the new OS becomes clear. The user interface has undergone the most radical overhaul and update since the introduction of Windows 95 thirteen years ago.

The taskbar is now much more like the Mac OS X Dock, and Explorer’s sidebar is more like the Finder’s.

Adventures in Cocotron

Glen Aspeslagh (via John Gruber):

Back in August, we decided that we should have a Windows version of our FileMagnet Uploader, a Mac application which connects to the iPhone via Bonjour and moves files back and forth between the desktop and our FileMagnet iPhone app. If you’ve been in this situation before, you know how much fun a line-by-line Windows port can be. Not only do you have to spend weeks hunched over Visual Studio, re-writing your entire program in a different language, but when you’re done you now have two separate code bases to manage. When a friend recommended that we check out Cocotron as an alternative, we were quite skeptical but agreed to try it out.