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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Using OpenDNS for Phishing Protection

Rob Griffiths:

Changing your DNS servers isn’t very difficult to do, and by using OpenDNS, you’ll get the benefit of an active and constantly-updated anti-phishing tool, regardless of your browser of choice. If you don’t feel you’ll always be able to spot a potential phishing scam in your e-mail, using OpenDNS is a great solution that will allow you to keep using Safari with some peace of mind.

Via John Gruber, who says “it makes web surfing noticeably faster than using the default DNS servers I get from Comcast.”

Without a Trace

Applications quietly removed from the App Store:

Update (2008-08-07): John Gruber relays a theory about I Am Rich.

Update (2008-08-08): The LA Times reports that I Am Rich was not removed at the developer’s request (via Dave Dribin). Apple removed Slasher from the App Store, citing “objectionable content.” The developer has removed the popular PhoneSaber since THQ Wireless owns “the rights for Star Wars apps on mobiles” (via John Gruber).

Update (2008-08-14): Now Playing is back, although it still appears as BoxOffice in the search results.