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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Safari Link Exposer

For quicker referral skimming, Daniel Jalkut uses FastScripts to run an AppleScript that runs a JavaScript that tells Safari to highlight links in the current window that point to his Web site.

Saying Hello (Again) to Visual Basic

Erik Schwiebert:

Almost two years ago, back at WWDC in August 2006, the MacBU announced that Office 2008 would not have support for Visual Basic. I blogged about it at the time, and that one post has proven to be my 15 minutes of Internet fame. It continues to be the most popular post on my site — 21 months later, it still accounts for almost half of all the hits I get each week. A section of the Mac community spoke out very vocally against our decision, and I still hear echos of it to this day.

This isn’t a done deed yet, but I’ve got a new commitment for you.…VB is (well, will be) back, baby! When we came to the realization in 2006 that there was no way for us to keep VB in the product and still ship Office 2008 on any semblance of the schedule we wanted, we announced its removal, but kept looking at how to bring it back into the suite even before we shipped. Many of the technical challenges I wrote about then still remain, but for a while now I and several others have been working with a group of people who know a heck of a lot about the internals of VB, and once we determined that we could achieve the revival VB in the new schedule for the next version of Mac Office, we locked it into place on the feature list.

Update: Office 2008 SP1 is now available, and it has release notes.