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Photoshop Elements 6

Jens Alfke:

Anyway, for a high-profile, award-winning app from one of the biggest software companies out there, the out-of-the-box experience for the new Elements is crappy. Really, it’s the worst I’ve seen in ages. So I had to write this post to complain about it, of course. And it got longer than I expected it to. And rantier.

I had a similar reaction when installing it yesterday. Chris Turner says it took more than 24 minutes to install it. I plan to do as much work as possible in Acorn and use Photoshop only when necessary, e.g. to convert images into small PNG or JPEG files.


Any thoughts on using Photoshop for PNGs versus something like a combination of Acorn and pngcrush?

I use optipng rather than pngcrush—not sure what the difference is. My experience is that optipng helps in both cases, and that starting with a Photoshop PNG usually results in a smaller file (and never a larger one).

@Eric — Funny you should ask. My kids came to me, almost in tears, yesterday afternoon because Elements 6 wouldn't recognize the alpha channel in a PNG file they were opening. (See, it's a file of sprites from Sonic The Hedgehog, and they wanted to copy the characters and paste them into a background to make a sprite comic. But in Photoshop there's a blue background behind all the sprites, not transparent.)

They ended up opening the PNG in Acorn and copying and pasting into Photoshop. Yay.

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