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Thursday, January 24, 2008

NSURLConnection Crashing Epidemic

Daniel Jalkut:

But after Apple released 10.4.11, I started receiving crash reports at an accelerated pace. The log is the same in every instance, and culminates in what appears to be a threaded NSURLConnection caching operation…

I’ve seen this several times myself, in crash logs from Apple Mail. Hopefully Apple will issue a 10.4.12 release that fixes it.

The Betamax Doctrine

Paul Kafasis:

This incorrect assumption has been around for years, but it was largely harmless. Such streaming was scattered, low-quality, and in the case of online music radio streams, random., however, has made an enormous catalog of music from the major labels available for streaming on-demand, and it sounds pretty good to my ears. Suddenly, this erroneous assumption could well impact the bottom line. If you don’t need to stream music, they don’t get to count plays or show ads, and artists don’t get paid.

Audio Hijack Pro’s ease of use notwithstanding, my guess is that there are easier ways to steal music.

Office 2008 Review

Robert Mohns (at MacInTouch):

Although they look like normal preference windows, the Preferences windows have no close box; instead you still must click “OK” or “Cancel.”

Another oddity is that document-specific settings – such as per-document security, view, and spelling/grammar—are still mixed in with application preferences. We would have expected this terrible practice to be excised by now, but no such luck.

There’s lots more interesting commentary about changes to Office’s user interface and elsewhere. This line is off, though:

And while Save As uses a standard Mac OS X sheet, the Open dialog is a modal window.

The dialog for opening documents should not be a sheet because it’s an application-level action.

Mobile Safari Toolbar

Derek Powazek (via John Gruber):

On the iPhone, the web browser is called Safari, just like on the Mac. This sameness is reinforced by the visual design of both applications. But in the new iPhone software, when they added a search icon, they did it on the left, instead of the right, which puts it out of sync with its desktop cousin.

I assume this was done because the search button that was added in 1.1.3 replaced the bookmark button on the left. I agree, though, that search should be on the right, like it is in every Mac application. In any case, I think the addition of the search button is a big improvement—some iPhone users had trouble remembering that you could tap on the location field to get to the search field.