Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gone Indie

Longtime Apple employee Jens Alfke has gone indie:

But I’m fascinated with social software. Apple isn’t. Despite some promising starts, the most I’ve been able to get accomplished in that vein at Apple was iChat [the IM part; I’m really not interested in videoconferencing], Safari RSS, and the “PubSub” [which turned out to be “RSS and Atom”] framework. There were some very promising prototypes of sexier things, but I really can’t talk about those, other than to say that they were canceled.…I looked around after Leopard was finished, and didn’t see any place in the company where I could pursue my ideas.

I can’t wait to see what he develops.

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I must say I'd be a little more wow'd if the PubSubAgent didn't crash every so often (with the appropriate little report/restart window) on both of my Macs. This seems to be a decently common occurrence if one judges off the different forums. It is also pretty much the only problem I have had in Tiger and Leopard (on both machines).

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