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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TaskPaper 1.0

TaskPaper, a new GTD-type application from Hog Bay, is so gloriously simple that it seems like it couldn’t possibly do everything that you need. And yet it almost does. With hyperlinks and tabs to show different views of a lightly marked-up plain text file, it gets the main things I want in a task manager right. Unlike OmniFocus, it works well with a small/narrow window and it’s very fast (though that may change as I add more tasks). Not being able to move tasks or projects around easily is a major limitation of 1.0. But overall it looks quite promising.

SuperDuper and Time Machine

Dave Nanian:

[Time Machine’s] primary usage scenario—and the one that most demonstrations and documentation focuses on—to allow quick recovery of files and data that have gone missing, etc. Yes, Time Machine can restore a full system, but that’s not its strength. Doing so requires you to actually start up from the Leopard DVD (which you’ll need to have with you) and then take the time to restore the backup in full, which interrupts your workflow, requires a working, entirely separate destination device, and takes a lot of your time—at the exact moment when you can least afford it.

How the Ruby Heap Is Implemented

It’s not well documented, so Hongli Lai read the code to figure it out.