Wednesday, September 19, 2007

USB 3.0

Joel Hruska:

As far as future market competition, its target of 5Gbps puts USB 3.0 ahead of current eSATA (3Gbps), which is really the only other device protocol under active development that might challenge it as a peripheral interconnect. Although an IEEE 1394c protocol has been developed and published as of June 8 2007, no company has announced an intent to produce a product or chipset that utilizes the standard. FireWire remains supported in certain sectors, but I’d personally be surprised if the combination of USB 3.0 and eSATA doesn’t push FireWire out of the market completely.

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It sounds like USB 3.0 will continue to use the same irritating socket interface that previous versions have. (Though, of course, a plus for backwards compatibility)

The new USB won't actually be any faster than SATA, and may not even be faster than firewire in many real-world circumstances.

Why? Way too much CPU overhead, and the middleman problem.

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