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Fear Not the Keyboard

The Macalope:

While everyone knows the keyboard is based on the MacBook’s, no one seems to have realized that if they wanted to “try out that new keyboard,” all they had to do is sashay over to a MacBook and give it a whirl. It’s not based on it, it’s exactly the same. Sure, it’s in a different form factor, but the touch of the keys is identical and that’s really what people mean when they say they want to “try out.”

Oh well. It looks nice, but I don’t particularly like the feel of the MacBook keyboard, and the spaces between the keys drive me crazy.


Uhhh… there's less space between the keys on the new chiclet keyboards than on *any other* apple keyboard ever.

The gaps between the keys on either a Macbook Pro or pre-chiclet desktop keyboard are twice as big. They're just less obvious.

I agree with Fred on the key spacing. However, while the iceKey I'm using does have decent sized gaps, the usable space on the keys is rather small.

Fred and Bruce: I presume you’re using “gap” to mean the space between the tops of the keys. I’m using it to mean the dead space between the keys. By my definition, the MacBook keyboard has significant gaps, and virtually all other keyboards (including my beloved iceKey) have almost none. It’s not possible on the iceKey to accidentally press the space between two keys and end up hitting just one or neither. With the MacBook keyboard I did this all the time, especially when trying to press Command and Option at the same time.

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