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iPhone Fonts

John Gruber:

One regard in which the iPhone’s OS X is clearly just a shallow subset of Mac OS X is in the set of fonts that come installed with the system. Apple made some curious and disappointing decisions here.

That sums it up, but I was tempted to just quote the whole article.

Sneak Preview of PyObjC 2.0

Ronald Oussoren:

The development of PyObjC has slowed down to a standstill, or so it would seem if you look the website or subversion repository. That’s far from the truth however, I’ve been hard at work on a major new version of PyObjC and the effort is paying of.…The new version isn’t in the public repository yet however because I’m targeting Leopard (Objective-C) and haven’t separated the Leopard specific code and examples from the bits that are safe for Leopard.