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Non-Top-Posting Reply Scripts for Apple Mail

John Gruber:

My first must-fix annoyance is that Mail’s Reply feature is hard-wired to encourage top-posting, an uncouth and illiterate practice.

Here’s an AppleScript I ginned up to fix this by removing the blank line at the top of each response and moving the insertion point to the bottom of the message. (It uses GUI Scripting, and so requires Access for Assistive Devices to be turned on.)

It looks like it will require some adjustment for signatures, though.

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Signature support didn't even occur to me, because I've used TextExpander for my sigs for ages.

Assuming you use just one signature, or that all your signatures are the same number of lines in length, you could work around this with my script by adding some UpArrow key codes at the end, to put the insertion point above signature. (Which, presumably, if you have any interest in this at all, you already have Mail configured to add to to the bottom of your messages.)

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