Monday, June 4, 2007

iPhone Ads

I’ve been critical of Apple’s advertising in the past, but I agree with John Gruber that the iPhone ads are very good. There’s so much information in them that people like me will want to pause to look at the details of the interface, yet the overall impression is of a product with a clean interface that’s effortless to use.

Best of all, the experience isn’t just short on screen taps, it’s high on obviousness. It seems obvious that anyone who can use an iPod or a PC ought to be able to figure out on their own how to use iPhone. The fundamental trick to learn is the magic home button.

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While I wouldn't say that those ads aren't stylish (how long does it take to get those hands 'just right?), I thought it was very refreshing to see an ad that is substance over style for a change.

Umm... that commercial is totally bogus. No way the internet is remotely that fast on Edge... I know, I've tried it.

The ad clearly shows that the iPhone is using WiFi, not Edge.

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