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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Lock-Free Hash Table

Here’s a Google Tech Talk of Cliff Click discussing a Java hash table implementation that supports concurrent access using compare-and-swap rather than locking:

I present a lock-free concurrent Hash Table implementation with better single-thread performance than most Hash Tables, and better multi-thread performance than all other implementations I tried. I demonstrate scaling up to 768 CPUs even with high mutation rates. I show correctness by looking at the problem in a very different light than the usual “happens-before” / memory-order / fencing style of thinking.

RIP Canvas

Adrian Smith (on TidBITS Talk):

Canvas started on the Mac and in many ways is unique in it combination of vector and bitmap tools (although less so now than in its early days). Interesting, I think they beat most of the other players to market with an OS X native version (I’m sure version 8 came out before 10.1 was released).

EagleFiler 1.2

EagleFiler 1.2 adds performance improvements, the ability to drag and drop between libraries (preserving all the metadata), encrypted libraries, search term highlighting, “To Import” folders in the Finder, more flexible query syntax, tags searchable via Spotlight, and more.