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Thursday, May 17, 2007


Terrence Talbot:

When the next major update to Sandvox ships, KTComponents will be no more. All the code is going into the application. And plugins will work just fine. In fact, getting new plugins to build and link will be easier than I ever thought possible.

Instead of linking to the KTComponents framework, the plug-ins will use bundle_loader to link directly to the app.

RIP FreeHand

Andy Finnell:

The somewhat odd thing was that the team knew FreeHand MX was going to be their last release. I remember a certain FreeHand engineer’s response to the question “why are you trying to cram so many features into this release?” as being “Because they’re not going to let us do another.” And to their credit, FreeHand MX was a return to their roots: vector based graphics program for print. At least from this observer’s perspective, it felt like FreeHand MX was the best FreeHand version in a while.