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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

ATPM 13.05

The May issue of ATPM is out:

Aliases, Symbolic Links, and Path Finder Aliases

Alexandra Grot:

Path Finder aliases are like regular aliases but that only Path Finder understands. They will always open the original in Path Finder regardless of the program you use to open them. They are actually just special files (with a hidden extension .path) that PF knows how to open, their kind is “Path Finder document.”

Flush vs. Straight

Bram Cohen:

As every poker player knows, the chances of a random set of five cards being a flush is less than the chances of it being a straight. So, if you deal out one card face-up at a time until either five of the dealt cards form a straight or five of the dealt cards form a flush, which is more likely to happen first, a flush or a straight? The obvious answer is a straight, because that’s the more likely hand, but that might not be correct.

This kind of question is difficult to answer analytically, but it’s easy to find the answer using a Monte Carlo simulation.

Bowling in Haskell

Eric Kidd describes one way to score a bowling game using Haskell, with unit tests to show that it works.