Monday, April 23, 2007

Coda 1.0

Panic has an annoying habit of developing excellent software that just isn’t for me (though I happily used Audion until iTunes came along). Coda looks great, and I imagine that for many people it’s exactly what they want. But there’s just zero chance that I’d use it. I like BBEdit, rsync, Terminal, Safari, Interarchy, Subversion, and my homegrown templating language and tools. I did, however, spend about ten minutes playing around with Coda. That was long enough to see that there’s much to like in its design. And it’s probably longer than I’ve spent in Xcode in the last couple weeks. IDEs bring me nothing but frustration.

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Agreed. I liked what I saw, but I'm _totally_ accustomed to using PageSpinner. Either I truly don't mind or I'm calloused for Command-Tabbing between PageSpinner and Safari for previews, and PageSpinner can save a document straight up the FTP pipeline.

Now then, if PageSpinner-like operations and tools were introduced into Coda....


I was hoping Coda to be a more advanced version of iWeb, complete with templates but with the ability to do a bit more than iWeb allows.

I was all ready to buy this app, but it is not for me. Props to Panic for their quality software but I guess I am not the target audience.

I am happy using vim from the shell prompt for all my HTML/PHP/Javascript/CSS needs.

Im stoked on Coda. It does upload when you save (thats my favorite feature). I also like how you can click on an image in the file browser and say edit using photoshop and then when you save it in photoshop it uploads the new image. I also like using the books for reference. I don't use the browser function at all. Its easier to just use safari.

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