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C# and Objective-C


That said, there’s a big technology—and philosophy—divide between C# and Objective-C, and between .NET and Cocoa. Coding in both of them means that I’m soaking both my feet in water of different temperatures. I am in a fairly unique position to stand with one foot in a bucket of cold water and one foot in a bucket of hot water and announce how, on average, I’m feeling pretty good. To wit: When I’m in C#, I end up missing Objective-C. When I’m in Objective-C, I end up missing C#.


When programming Obj-C, what do you miss about C#?

I posted a few entries from my list in the comments of the post in response to a similar question from Chris Hanson. I'm sure I'll think up some more in short order. I'm happy to hear that two people on the Xcode team are, independently, so on the ball.

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