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Nanian on HP

Dave Nanian:

It wasn’t that long ago that HP had the absolute worst OSX drivers of any major peripheral developer. Their scanners barely worked, their printers sort of worked, the software they loaded was pretty shamefully buggy, flaky… they just sucked.

Yup, that was my experience. I have a 6MP and a 48G that are excellent and seem as though they will keep working forever, but all the recent HP products I’ve used have been terrible. He says things are better now.


I bought a HP LaserJet 1320 last year after finally getting tired of dealing with Ink Jet "dry up" nightmares.

It's been the first printer I could truly call "likeable" and it has probably cemented my buying pattern into HP brand-loyalty for printers in the near future.

A few years ago, HP inkjets were my printer of choice. I liked the fact that they use a paper tray that lies flat instead of a vertical feed. In my experience, a vertical feed was more likely to jam, and allowed the paper to get curled and dusty if I didn't print for a while.

It was the crappiness of HP's Mac support that drove me away. The driver for the printer I had wouldn't remember certain settings between print jobs, and setting margins was a guessing game.

I now have a Canon, and while I like the software better, I'm constantly changing color cartridges and it has a vertical feed.

I'll consider HP for my next purchase.

Daniel - do the 1320 drivers have any support for manual duplexing? I've got a 1012 and I need to print out half the pages, flip the paper, and print out the other half.

The Windows driver has a manual duplexing option that does this for me (well, expect for the paper flipping) and knows how to handle/ignore blank pages.

(Yes, I left this same comment on Dave's post as well.)

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