Saturday, February 24, 2007

MacBook Pro Woes, Part 3

Friday evening, my MacBook Pro arrived back from its repair. The hard drive was replaced this time, and so far everything seems to be working properly. This was the third repair, and so far the MacBook Pro has been broken or in transit for 31 of the 77 days I’ve had it (40%). Hopefully, those days are now behind me, because when it’s working it’s a terrific Mac.

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I've had the same problems -- insidious crashes, no faults from thorough hardware tests. Now, the HDD is making some "broken glass in a blender" noises and the crashes are continous. Marvelous.

(also, the keyboard is a bit sticky, the button has never been "flat" and the trackpad is wavy like it was heated up in a microwave or left out in the sun ... but the dead pixel count is zero and the performance ... as you say, when it's working, it's a great Mac ... love-hate ...)

I've had several Macs over the years ... I'm a sort of "buy and hold" early adopter -- I get the very latest, then run it till it dies, but this new Macbook Pro with all its Core Duo 2 goodness is less stable and less convenient than the old Titanium, which I'd still have, had it not been stolen from my office ... my fault, but still frustrating ... the MAC ID has never shown up on the Web, so I guess it went into a dumpster and to the landfill ... sad ... anyway, I hope my troubles with this new MBP are short.


ps. Thanks for the tips in your blog -- helped me save some time.

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