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Mail’s “Sending…” Source

Pierre Igot:

Once you click on the “Send” button, the message actually disappears from the “Drafts” mailbox, and the “Sent” mailbox changes to “Sending…”

…where is the message that is currently in the process of being sent? It’s not in the “Sent” box, as we have just seen. It’s no longer in the “Drafts” box either, as you can see in the screen shot. (The message count next to it is back down to nothing, i.e. zero.) So where is it? Well, that’s the kicker: It is nowhere. It is not in any visible part of the user interface in Mail.


Are you kidding?

It's obviously on the "Outbox" folder. Drafts->Outbox->Sent

The issue with Apple Mail is that the Outbox and the Drafts folders aren't always visible on the folders pane - the drafts only appears for sure when one is editing a new mail (and randomly in the other time), and the outbox only appears when a message is being sent. Unfortunately if the mail is sent too fast, or in the worse case, Mail thinks it's gonna be fast but then it really takes ages, then it doesn't even bother showing the outbox folder.

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