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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

MacBook Pro Woes, Part 2

My MacBook Pro arrived back from Apple today. Contrary to what I was told would happen, they did not replace the broken hard drive. In fact, the repair sheet doesn’t even mention the drive. It only says that they re-installed the OS and tightened one of the heat sinks on the logic board.

I called Apple, and the guy kept trying to tell me that if the drive had needed to be replaced then they would have done so. If Apple Hardware Test doesn’t report any problems, then I should consider the Mac fixed. (I’m pretty sure AHT doesn’t scan for bad blocks.) For some reason, he didn’t have access to the report of the repairs that had been done, though he could see that the original problem report mentioned bad blocks on the drive. Eventually he transferred me to a product specialist who immediately understood the problem and said that of course they should have replaced the drive. So Apple’s sending me another box, and we’ll try the mail-in repair again.