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DiskWarrior Boots 25% Faster From DVD

If you’re making a backup of your DiskWarrior CD, it’s worth spending a few more cents to use a DVD. From a complete shutdown, my iMac took 7:28 to boot to the DiskWarrior license agreement dialog from CD, but it only took 5:33 from DVD-R. Creating a backup is super-easy with DropDMG. Set the format to “.dmg Read-only” and uncheck all the other options. (I keep a “Backup CD/DVD” configuration for this.) Drag the CD onto DropDMG. When it’s done, Shift-drag the newly created .dmg file onto DropDMG. Insert a blank disc and click the Burn button.


I don't want to seem dumb, but how can it boot faster from a DVD?

Reading from DVDs is generally faster than reading from CDs--due to higher data density, I guess.

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