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Tuesday, January 9, 2007 [Tweets] [Favorites]

iPhone Platform


The only two iPhones at the show were under glass, and Apple representatives said it is a “closed platform,” refusing even to identify the specific processor it uses, and there’s apparently no developer kit for it, though “developers who want to do applications [for the iPhone] are welcome to contact Apple developer relations.”

AirPort Extreme with AirPort Disk

The new AirPort Extreme base station includes 802.11n, of course. It also has three Ethernet LAN ports (eliminating the need for a hub in many cases) and can share USB hard disks as well as printers. I’m not sure whether it’s using WebDAV or AppleShare, but if the latter it should be possible to Smart Update a laptop wirelessly—no server Mac required.

BBEdit 8.6

My favorite changes in BBEdit 8.6 are transparent reading and writing of binary property lists, support for the Emacs “mode:” variable, and Convert to ASCII now doing something sensible with the Euro symbol.